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Environmental Policy

 Environmental Policy

Smartstruct Constructions Pty Ltd is a contract building company based on the Sunshine Coast which is committed to delivering project outcomes, where practicable, in an ecologically sustainable manner.

Through the implementation of environmental guidelines Smartstruct Pty Ltd seeks to set high standards of environmental performance and to continually improve the sustainability of its business activities.

Smartstruct Pty Ltd recognises the need to protect the natural environment as part of its business activity and believes that continual improvement in environmental excellence provides a benefit to the organisation and the wider community, and reflects the need to ensure equity between social, economic and environmental goals.

Smartstruct Pty Ltd is committed to setting and meeting objectives appropriate to local and regional conditions. This commitment includes applying appropriate technology and best management practices and supporting prevention of pollution. This commitment is to be co-ordinated with the organisation’s health and safety policies and responsibilities, and is to be consistent with environmental regulations, laws and other criteria to which we subscribe.

Smartstruct Pty Ltd will deliver environmentally sustainable outcomes by:
• Meeting all Local, State and Federal Government environmental policies, guidelines and practices;
• Providing a systematic approach to managing the environmental impacts of its activities, projects and maintenance programs;
• Manage environmental risks through risk reduction strategies and contingency planning;
• Continually improving the quality and effectiveness of our management system; and
• Gaining commitment from our personnel, consultants and sub contractors to the process of sustainable development.

The Director of Smartstruct Constructions is responsible for the effectiveness of this Environmental Policy which encompasses all services undertaken for our clients.

Director: Daniel Moylan

Smartstruct Constructions Pty Ltd

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